A Brief Note On The State Of Florida Essay

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The state of Florida is known for its natural springs, which originate from the underground Floridan aquifer. Aquifers are underground caverns where water is collected from runoff. The aquifer also provides water for practical residential usage, agricultural irrigation, commercial and industrial usage. In the 1800s water was abundant, in order to create more residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial settings, the state had to undertake acts to rid the land of water. According to “Florida’s Water Resources,” the state would do this by draining swamps, creating statewide canals, and also holding back flood water. Those programs were meant to rid the land of excess water, so people were able to create additional land suitable for agricultural, commercial and residential settings. Over usage and lack of regulation have caused a depletion of the state’s main water source. Today aquifers are being exhausted because the state is using more water than it is giving back to the aquifer due to climate changes and population growth. Agricultural irrigation is the largest consumer of groundwater resources. Since the groundwater in the Floridan aquifer is being depleted, I propose two things: residents use simple methods such as aeration and drought tolerant plantings while the government implements better water usage regulations on irrigation in agriculture, commercial and industrial settings. Water from the aquifer is being used in an unregulated manner which is creating…

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