A Brief Note On The South China Sea Essay

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China is a growing regional power with one of the most debated conflicts in the international community located right off its coast. The South China Sea is a section of the Pacific Ocean that is semi isolated due to its proximately to the surrounding geographic areas, such as islands and peninsulas, making it a marginal sea. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary a marginal sea is one that, “waters adjacent to a state and under its jurisdiction and extending outward from the coast about 31⁄2statute miles,” however, whose jurisdiction does that area fall under. The sea is classified as being between Malacca Straights to the Strait of Taiwan. Significant regional competitors for the maritime control include; China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines, with yet still smaller regions laying claim too. Among some other non-direct bodies of interest include the United States and Japan. So why is this area so desired by so many different parties? The South China Sea is known as the “3rd golden waterway” connecting the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Oceans, carrying more than half of the world’s merchant fleets in terms of cargo tonnage. (Hao 7) Furthermore, this area is rich in in other natural resources such as fishing, oil and natural gas reserves. Not only do millions of barrels of crude oil ship through this region a day, the region is estimated to have roughly 11 billion barrels of oil reserves and 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves. (U.S. Energy…

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