A Brief Note On The Social Interaction Of A Student 's Education

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A1: Postive Social Interaction: I have come to the conclusion that the Mr. Collet’s homework policy is the most rewarding and beneficial policy out of those listed. This is a very similar approach I feel I will take when I begin to teach. In a classroom setting, it is very important to have a positive and engaging social interaction between the student and the teacher. Mr. Colett verbally explains his homework policy to all students at the beginning of the school year. Homework policies are also passed out in writing and a copy is given to parents for review. Parental involvement in a student 's education is a large component in having a successful education. When I become a teacher, I hope to work in a middle school setting and work with special education students. I like the fact the Mr. Collet has a whiteboard devoted to homework assignments where he details what important information like due dates and other pertinent information. He, also, at times, ask for students ' advice in regards to homework assignments and then write this information on the board. Allowing students to have a say in their homework assignments promotes positive social interaction between not only the teacher but also among the students. Mr. Colette also set aside time with each student, if needed, within his homework policy. If a homework assignment is late or was not picked up, he meets individually with the student to discuss the reason. Engaging in honest and open conversations with the…

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