Essay A Brief Note On The Right And Die Laws

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Right to Die Laws
Disease, pain, and suffering are all a very real part of our world. Though these are things we attempt to avoid, they find many of us, and end others. Diseases like Cancer, Huntington’s disease, ALS, and many others bring wonderful people to atrocious demises. Furthermore, events such as car accidents, shootings, and malicious beatings results in other painful deaths. No family wishes to watch their loved ones suffer and live their final days in pain. Because of this, Right to Die Laws have been introduced to certain parts of the country. These laws provide suffering patients with the option to seek painless death caused by physician registered euthanasia. This idea has been gaining popularity and has already taken foothold in some of our States. Anytime you talk about ending the life of a human there are bound to be reservations and controversial backlashes involved. Death is no topic to be taken lightly, especially in a case where it is a choice and not just an event. The fact is that these laws have been developed, these procedures have been developed not to kill but to prevent the suffering of those who are nearing death. This can’t be done to just anyone who is nearing their end, it is a choice. Even more it is a choice that requires a lot of paperwork which gives the patient plenty of time to make a decision in the matter. Nixing the notion that this could be a pressured or forced decision. This idea is not just a whimsical thought,…

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