A Brief Note On The Removal Of Trees Essay

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Forestry is the removal of trees but also the destruction of habitat provided by these trees (Bernhardt et al.)
In Canada 38.2% of land is forest (World bank, 2015) and 9% is covered in fresh water (Alberta Waterportal, 2013). Due to the abundance of forests, logging is one of the main contributors to Canada’s economy (NRC, 2016). The removal of trees creates a variety of problems, many of which affect water ways. Water ways provide aquatic ecosystems, water for communities nearby, and a source of food for both humans and animals. Logging is a large part of Canada’s economy with large impacts on the areas surrounding the logging sites, many of these areas contain waterways which provide resources and habitats to many (Chambers et al., 2008). Trees provide stability to the banks of rivers, lakes and streams reducing soil erosion (Chambers et al., 2008), floods and disruption of nutrients (Bernhardt et al.). Clear cut regions reduce tree roots which stabilize water way banks (McLellan, 2014) by spreading throughout the ground in a process called revegetation (The Environment Agency, 2010). Without trees banks there’s an increased disruption of nutrients in the soil (Chambers et al., 2008). The disruption of water way banks causes increased runoff (total precipitation that runs into streams), concentrations of dissolved nitrogen (Chambers et al., 2008) through nutrient-rich topsoil being swept away by the wind (Bernhardt). Increased levels of nitrogen and phosphorus cause…

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