Essay about A Brief Note On The Population Of Town

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Using SPSS to analyse households in town A and town B pictures some demographic conditions. In general, respondents in town A are younger than in town B. The minimum age in town A is 21 while 31 in town B. However, in both cities, have people with above 51 years old. Meanwhile, almost 70% of people are already married in both cities.
Maximum year of cultivation in town B is three times higher than in town A, which is 4 and 13 respectively. This is because the productive land in town A is only a half (13 ha) compare with productive land in town B (28 ha). As a result, the maximum production in town B is 14 tons/ ha, while production in town A is 12 tons/ha. The result may not significantly differ. However, in terms of annual gross income, town B is much higher than town A. Figure 1 depicts the range of minimum annual gross income in town B is from 2500 to 3500 while in town A is from 1500 to 2500 per year. Moreover, more than one-third of people in town B has maximum annual income above 4500. On the contrary, only 20% of people in town A has high gross income that is below 3500 per year.

Town A
Analysis data in town A shows that the average age of respondent in town A is 41- 50 years and a standard deviation of age is 21 years old. The values within one standard deviation mean that 68% of people in town A between 20-29 and 62-71 age of years. Therefore, based on the mean of age, it can be assumed an older population in town A.
Meanwhile, the…

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