A Brief Note On The Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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Literature Review
Before going too far into physician-assisted suicide some terms need to be operationally defined. To begin with, physician-assisted suicide is the hastening of an individual’s death upon request by the individuals themselves, by means of medication prescribed by a physician and administered by the individual. There are specific regulations and criteria that the individual must meet before their request can be deemed acceptable and medication prescribed (Johnson et al. 2014)(Lee 1997). Along similar lines is euthanasia. However, euthanasia is defined as the physician being the one to administer medication with the intent of the individual or patient dying instead of the patient being the one to administer the medication (Johnson et al. 2014). Another term that is more formally known that needs to be separated from physician-assisted suicide is legalized advanced directives. This is where an individual in hospice care gives detailed instructions of whether or not they are to be put on life support or taken off life support while they are still in a stable state to make this decision (Johnson et al. 2014).
As mentioned before there is a set of qualifications and regulations that an individual must meet to be able to be approved for physician-assisted suicide and they must be in one of the states that has legalized physician-assisted suicide. In total there is about six qualifications that are detailed and gone over before…

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