A Brief Note On The Peak Performer Essay

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Peak Performer Essay
Some people in the world we live in today have different goals. Whether its a job specific goal or career specific goal. Now picking a career you want to do is tough. And its never easy cause some people think the amount of money or salary you make on a job is very important. And some would agree that being happy doing your job is really important. You see me ive always enjoyed the criminal justice field of studies. I also enjoy helping people so I chose something that would involve both.
Now there are alot of different occupations in criminal justice that help people. But not like the victims advocate. Which I honestly think it fits me perfectly. Now I know you might be saying who in their right mind would want to be a victims advocate? Or what a lame choice. Well let me tell you why. Im pursuing a degree in criminal justice and physcology. After I recieve my associates degree for criminal justice I would only need about 3 classes to achieve a double associates for physcology and criminal justice. I also want this job because im helping people overcome there weaknesses on a daily basis. It will also give me a feel for both fields and I would be utilizling all of my skills in the right profession.

Being a victims advocate can consists of being a counselor and offering morale support on a day to day basis. Or going and escorting victims to court hearings and other legal procedings. You are also suppose to notify each victim if their aggressor escapes…

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