A Brief Note On The Ontario Start Program Essay

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Sources of data:
Since our research deals with immigrants with English as not their first language and who are struggling to get part time or full time jobs or doing jobs that are not related to their education and experience (underemployment), therefore the sites from where we can collect data for our research would be:
• Red River College (Notre dame campus).
• University of Winnipeg.
• Community centers.
• Manitoba start program.
Our sample range would be 100-150 immigrants who are either new to Winnipeg or the immigrants who have been permanent residents of Winnipeg. From Red River College and University of Winnipeg we will target international students as our data source. Manitoba start is an initiative by Government of Manitoba that provides job opportunities to immigrants (Manitoba start, n.d.). At Manitoba start program we will aim for permanent residents who are new to Winnipeg and looking for jobs. We will also target community centers such as temples, as these are the places where immigrants can be found easily.
Primary Sources: The data we collect from these sites will be primary data because all the information will be collected directly from the immigrants. Primary data is more efficient and valid because mostly it contains the information that we need for our research and directly from the participants or eye witnesses (book). For example in surveys and interviews only those questions would be asked that addresses the main issues regarding the research…

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