A Brief Note On The North South Highway ( Laurens Road ) Essay

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The location of this particular site provides access to a number of different regional thoroughfares. These networks include a major North-South Highway (Laurens road), which provides access to downtown Greenville. In addition, a major advantage of the site is that it is located only short distance away from a ramp for Interstate-85. This major highway provides access to major cities such as Charlotte and Atlanta. It is evident that this site is set up on a prime location with regards to automobile access, especially from a regional point of view. In addition, there is railroad tracks to the west which could have a major impact on any speculative industrial development.

City Wide
From a commercial point of view, the site is located is a great location within Greenville county because there is easy access to a number of major roads/highways. It is clear that there a significant number of commercial business located within a mile of this site for a variety of reasons. There exists major automotive dealership nearby (CarMax & Century BMW), probably because there is a substantial amount of traffic flowing through these major roads and interstates. Commercial tenants are always looking a significant amount of people passing by and being close to a major junction, is a key benefit. Furthermore, there exists a plethora of other large commercial buildings just a short distance down Laurens Road. Access to a major interstate highway is of chief importance to commercial businesses…

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