Essay on A Brief Note On The Most Powerful Medium

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Term Paper – “The Most Powerful Medium”

My preferred news medium is the internet, while I read most news on social media channels. In general, I use Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for this purpose, while I trust content on Reddit the most. Generally, I trust Reddit, because it is very user friendly and I can customize my news feed in a different way than on Facebook or Twitter. On Facebook, for example, a majority of content comes from my friends’ likes and comments, while Twitter also shows me retweets. In both cases, I see a lot of content which is relevant for my Facebook friends or the users that I follow on Twitter, but often it is not relevant or interesting for me. Also, my scepticism towards Twitter and Facebook grew during the previous weeks, after several sources accused both platforms of containing more and more fake news. The debate grew and even Barack Obama recently criticised Facebook during a speech because of the increasing amount of fake news (Mozur & Scott, 2016). According to Richard Heydarian, a political analyst from the Philippines, “Facebook hasn’t led to empowerment of the average citizen, but empowerment of professional propagandists, fringe elements and conspiracy theorists,”. It seems like the current wave of fake news have an even stronger impact on lower developed countries who are not as long in contact to social media as most western countries (Mozur & Scott, 2016).

Reddit, which was on rank 25 of the most visited websites world wide in 2016…

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