A Brief Note On The Middle School Of The Black Curly Hair Essay

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“Helen “was what everyone liked to call me when I was a kid. Except my mom, she called me by my real name “Abadit”. I am small and skinny with a black curly hair. I have a brown eyes and a short, sharp nose. I stood in the middle of the road wearing a gray shirt and short pants to read a restaurant’s name. I remember the area where stood was like downtown but not like American modern looking downtown, however we call it downtown because it is the only area where you can find everything. There wasn’t road contracted and there wasn’t buildings, it was just normal African downtown. It was I remember full of dusts. The worst part was when a car passes by you, your hair, your cloth and your face will be cover with dirty. “Sematat Middle School” in Shiraro, Ethiopia was the school where I started reading English. The school was new and small, located in the corner of the main road which was called “Adwa 20th St.” that takes in the southern cities of Ethiopia. My school was not like American schools. I remember the school was a grey color and was not a modern looking. The school was also made of block. “Students, I am going to repeat it again! Read any signs you saw if you want to improve your reading skills.” Said my English teacher to class when I was in sixth grade. Those words stuck with me forever. I also believe those words led me to succeed in reading.

When you are from another country and English is not your first language, nobody cares whether you read or write…

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