A Brief Note On The Long Term Effects Of Obesity Essay

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Vaping has become so popular in the past few years that you can walk to five different vapor shops all within an hour. Part of the rapidly growing popularity is due to companies claiming that vaping is a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. But is vaping truly a more health conscious decision than smoking a cigarette? It may not be fair to compare something only a few years old to the century of documentation on tobacco. There have been multiple short term studies on vaping showing that people who switched from tobacco had better immediate health than those who did not switch; however, there are no studies of the long term effects of vaping on people’s health. Regulations on vaping are largely absent due to the young age of the industry. Many concerned businesses are starting to treat vaping the same way as smoking, starting to place signs prohibiting vaping in stores and restaurants. The Federal Department of Agriculture is starting to take action, conducting further studies on the health risks that vaping poses to the public health. Until further research is done, the public should treat vaping the same way as smoking. One of the reasons people turn to vaping is to help themselves quit smoking. There are many testimonials praising the benefits of vaping as a way to quit smoking tobacco. The method is by adding nicotine, the main addictive chemical in tobacco, to the vapor. Most smokers who started vaping did eventually quit cigarettes, but this is just merely a…

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