A Brief Note On The London Middlesex Children 's Aid Society Essay

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These past seven weeks of placement have widened my eyes and perspective to many things, including the complexity of foster families. While in the midst of my placement at the London-Middlesex Children’s Aid Society (CAS), I was given the opportunity to make contact with a family in which my partner and I would conduct four home visits. These visits would allow us to complete a family assessment and work through any health-related issues they may be facing. The family my partner and I chose to work with, the Meyers will be reviewed in this reflection, as I will be examining my first interaction with the family’s matriarch and patriarch. For confidentiality reasons, the family’s last name was changed for this paper.
During my third week of placement, I decided it was time to begin looking at possible candidate for a few home visits. Our Community Advisor helped my partner and I with this process and found a family that she believed would be willing to help us gain community-based nursing experience. One week later, I was able to meet a few members of this family, the Meyers, for this first time as they had an appointment at the medical clinic. Prior to this appointment, my partner and I met with the Meyer’s matriarch and patriarch in order to discuss the potential for home visits. Once they agreed to this process, we took them aside and began to develop a family genogram in order to gain a better understanding of the family. As I had not been in previous contact…

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