A Brief Note On The Largest Copper Mine Of North America Essay

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Morenci is the largest copper mine in North America. Just before Richard started working there, they had set the world record for the highest production open pit mine in the world – 12.4 million tons of material were moved in 24 hours. It is geographically located in eastern Arizona. The mine is run by a company called Phelps Dodge. Approximately 2,000 people work at the mine. (“Morenci Copper Mine”) In the mid 90’s Richard Arstein was working at Caterpillar Proving Grounds, south of Tucson, as a test engineer. People there are only supposed to work for three to five years since it was a unique experience and an experience that they needed more people in the company to have, and he had been there five when an opportunity came up. There was a new exchange program in which Caterpillar and Phelps Dodge would trade employees for a while, and Richard signed up. He ended up going to the Morenci Mine and working there as an exchange employee.
I was kind of babysitting some GPS stuff and just hanging out and riding around with people, um, trying to learn something, and that kind of got old after a while, so I asked them to give me a job, anything, no matter how lame it is, and um, they thought I could be a shift supervisor. So they said if you’re willing to stick it out for at least six months . . . do you think you could do it? I said that I’ve ridden around with those guys, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even understand what they were saying on the radio, you know . . . I’d…

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