A Brief Note On The Jewish Culture And Religion Essay example

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Interviewee asked to meet at a local café she frequents. It seems like a loud, busy place so I found a quiet corner in front of the fireplace, where there were two overstuffed lounge chairs. I obtained this location as it seemed the most secluded and had a home-like feeling.
Description of Person Interviewed Cherisa is around 40 years old, has no visible disabilities, Jewish, as well as identifies as being of Jewish decent, female, whose profession is a family practice Physician. Professional attire, friendly and happy to be asked to share her culture.
Population Represented The Jewish culture and religion as presented through the eyes of my interviewee. Cherisa claims to not be as educated about the Jewish culture as she would like but grew up Jewish and believes she has enough knowledge to give the basics. She does not acknowledge feeling any diversities growing up Jewish, it is unclear to me if this was true or a form of denial.
Questions Asked (See Appendix)
• When asked what her culture was, she was unsure how to answer. She stammered and answered with an awkward answer. She said, “Well, we are Jewish, both culturally and spiritually.
• When asked if culturally Jewish and spiritually Jewish were different, she had a complex answer. Cherisa explains that she used to live on the East Coast where being Jewish was more of the norm than an oddity. Restaurants, retail stores, and many more establishments acknowledged Judaism as a way of living,…

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