A Brief Note On The Islamic Muslim Groups Essay

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Illegal Muslim Groups
There are many false Muslim movements that operate in the world pretending to be related to the true Muslim or Islamic religion. They organize attacks that have led to many deaths all over the world. In fact, they believe in different ideas which, according to them, conflict with the rest and therefore justify themselves through terror attacks. However, these groups are not Muslim related, and most Muslims are against them. Examples of these groups are the Al-Shabaab that operates in the Eastern part of Africa located in Somalia, the Boko Haram movement that operates in West Africa, the Al-Qaeda circulation in the United States and the most recent and dangerous one, the ISIS group. Most of these groups are Jihadists who believe that struggle and individual effort are the basics to attaining a better Muslim society, and war is the only weapon they have to use to fight the nonbelievers. The difference between Jihadist and Islamist is that while Islamist aim at reordering the society and government by the Islamic law, Jihadists look at violence as the only solution to defending the community of Muslims ("What Is Jihadism"). These terrorists course is not related to real Muslims and only pretend to be them to keep attacking and disrupting the lives of innocent people; thus, Muslims have come out in most cases to deny these groups.
ISIS, which is also known as Daesh or Islamic State, is a Jihadist militant group that mostly operates in Syria and Iraq. It is…

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