Essay about A Brief Note On The International Waste Trade

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Over the past years, industrialized nations, such as the United States (U.S.) and Europe, have ridded their nations of waste by participating in the international waste trade. The international waste trade is when industrialized nations export toxic wastes created in their country and relocate it to other undeveloped countries. This has become a debate issues due to various factors. In 1987, Sunday Nana, a Nigerian, illegally signed a contract allowing Italians, Renato Pent and Gianfranco Raffaeli, to export 18,000 containers of toxic waste created by various Italian companies out of Italy. The waste was to be placed in Nana’s backyard which was located in Koko, Nigeria where he would hoard it for a monthly fee. The hazardous waste filled containers were imported into Nigeria under the impression that they contained materials which were to be used in construction and was hoarded into his backyard. The waste went unnoticed for months until it was reported due to some containers leaking into neighboring areas. After the waste was discovered, the Italian government did not feel the need to report the incident. It was not brought to Nigeria’s attention until a few students in Italy reported the incident. Nigerian workers attempted to remove the waste however multiple injuries took place resulting in Italy having to come and remove the waste from Nigeria (Nigeria Waste Imports from Italy). Benin, a country which neighbors Nigeria, has experienced similar issues. In 1988,…

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