A Brief Note On The International Construction Company Essay

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JJ International Construction Company specializes in commercial and residential constructing, remodeling, and repair. The company headquarter is located in Hampton Georgia with a 100 personal staff that the company employs. The company has a 25-year history within the city and has provided majority, if not all, of the city construction and reconstruction needs. The company functions off an independent departmental system with internal technology for its day-to-day operations. The firm has chosen to hire a change agent that specializes in business analytic to improve the firm, and in order to open a second company location. The location of the second company constructed in a rural area that has beneficial subsidies.
JJ International Construction Company has reviewed the writer initial implementation plan, and have taken interest in the concept of it. The company has questions about how data would be managed, and how data driven decision-making would assist firm versus it being another add-on expense to the firm (cost of new equipment or resources). This implementation plan will address any concerns that the company may have. Management Information System (MIS) have many different sets of resources and business process, which combines data from strategic and practical systems (Banks, 2015). After MIS gathers and compresses the data, it then translates it into timely user-friendly data for managers to use in order to make proper decision for the organization…

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