A Brief Note On The Hurricane Katrina Disaster Essay

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The Causes of the Hurricane Katrina Disaster


The Hurricane Katrina disaster occurred at 6:10 am on the Monday morning 29th of August, 2005 ( Heerden et al. 2009, p. 292 ). It was one of the most mighty cyclones around category 4-5 that the coast of America had never met before, strong winds, large rainfall, waves and cyclones were brought by it to attack the Gulf of Mexico shores of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama ( ASCE 2007, p. v). At the end of the disaster, the flooding was flowing into the city of New Orleans due to the failure of the Hurricane Katrina protection system. The causes of the Hurricane Katrina disaster were the water-filled gap in design flaws and the inadequate funding process in mismanagement. This article will state what the causes Hurricane Katrina disaster were and how it contributed to the flood.

The Water-Filled Gap

The water-filled gap was a design flaws problem of the Hurricane Katrina disaster which included the soil strength and the critical sliding surface, straightforward caused the failure of the I-walls.

Soil Strength
The poor soil strength led to the emergence of the water-filled gap. The soft soil affects the stability of the I-wall due to the soil eroded by the floodwater, making the floodwater flowed into the water-filled gap ( ASCE 2007, p. 50; Sils et al. 2008, p. 561). However, the variation of the soil strength has not been taken into an account during the time of design, it directly caused the water-filled gap…

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