A Brief Note On The Human Resource Management Essay

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benchmarking human resource management
A successful company as a human resource(HR) department that is essential to the overall success of the company. Simple doing the normal practices of HR may however not yield the expected results that a company wants which is why implementation of strategic Human Resource Management is important as well as benchmarking HR to analyze internal standards as well as the HR practice of key competitors.
“Benchmarking falls under four primary, internal benchmarking, competitive benchmarking, functional benchmarking and generic benchmarking. Resource managers are therefore tasked with the decision of which benchmarking works best for their company because of the difference in resource investment and possible outcome from each type. Internal bench making involves the comparison of a business process to a similar process within the organization to gain the best business practices (Certisafety, 2016)”.
“Internal benchmarking yield advantages to include it been the most cost effective, relatively easy, low cost, good practice/training with benchmarking process, information sharing, easy to transfer lessons learned, common language, gain a deeper understanding of your own process, makes a great starting point for future benchmarking studies. Internal Benchmarking may however foster mediocrity limits options for growth, low performance improvement, can create atmosphere of competitiveness, not much of a stretch, internal bias, and may not…

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