A Brief Note On The Health Care Industry Essay examples

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Working in Health Care
Working in is vastly different then working in any other industries for many reason. One reason is we are dealing with people when they are at vulnerable helping through tough times, like diseases, death, accidents, declining health. Other industries do not have this type of responsibility of taking care someone else wellbeing. According an article called Health care Industry by Patricia M. Danzon, healthcare market obey the fundamental rules of economics, and economic analysis essential to appraising public policy. Efficient calculations of private and public benefits to healthcare requires equaling marginal benefit the marginal cost for each of these inputs. (Danzon, 1993)
The government is more persuasive than healthcare than almost any other industry however United States is much less other countries but their government involvement. (Danzon, 1993) The government is the largest insurer through Medicare and Medicaid and public hospitals acts as a provider as last resort for those who cannot pay for care. (Danzon, 1993) Licensure accreditation, and other regulations either directly or indirectly entry of physicians, dentists, and other medical professions, as well as hospitals, nursing homes and institutional providers. New pharmaceuticals and medical devices must be approved by the FDA. (Danzon, 1993)
Lastly, the article states that the government intervention in healthcare sector typically addresses either quality or excess. (Danzon,…

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