A Brief Note On The Health Care Industry Essay

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The health care industry is steadily evolving to try to meet the variety of services that the health care patient is requiring. For instance, a hospital can offer a patient an outpatient status on variety of health services instead of having to be hospitalized. They offer such services, so the patient can save time and money on their insurances costs, but at the same time, it increases the profit for the hospital, thus making it a mutually beneficial benefit. These services can be grouped into the following: clinics, surgery centers, home health care that includes rehabilitation and postacute care, women’s conditions, and conventional emergency care (Shi & Singh, 2013, p. 166). In addition, there are mobile facilities that can aid the patient in medical, diagnostic, and health screening services for patients that are often sponsored by hospitals (Shi & Singh, 2013, p. 166). Lastly, some hospitals are now offering alternative medicines to help heal patient’s ailments.
Hospitals are in the business to make a profit on providing a variety of health care services. Therefore, the hospital has helped to create clinics that patients can go to receive treatment for sinusitis to a broken arm, thus freeing up space in their emergency department. The clinics are typically an urgent care facility that has extended hours from a regular physician’s office. For instance, in Michigan, the urgent care facilities run from 8am until 10pm, but a physician’s office hours are 9am until 5pm.…

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