A Brief Note On The Health Care System Essay

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This model will be widely used in the future and it is something that we want to make available to the patient’s who participate in our health care system. It has been shown that this health care model will benefit the patient and save money for the health care system. Financially, this system has been shown to be beneficial to the insurance company, the hospital, and the patient. Medicare has led the movement towards change in how we service our patients, and with the new ACA opening up to more individuals, Medicaid is leading the way towards a total comprehensive service model, while the number of uncompensated care statistics is starting to lower throughout the health system. (Robeznieks, 2015). The cost of health care started to rise in the 1980’s after the implementation of the Diagnostic Medical Group, which was a fee for service system, it produced fractured care as physicians did not communicate, and the quality of care was not measured (Flower, 2015). This change reflects how we are going to treat our patients, and it is a superior system for treating chronic disease, which aligns with the mission statement of Henry Ford Health System,” To improve people’s lives through excellence in the science and art of health care and healing (Henry Ford Health System, 2015).” The second recommendation will be the construction of the framework for technology, the financial considerations for implementation, and for the personnel to update the technology and information…

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