A Brief Note On The Gas Oil Drilling Essay

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Macondo was not the first oil spill accident in offshore platforms, and will not be the last either. The resulting explosions and fire led to the deaths of 11 individuals, serious physical injuries to 17 others, the evacuation of 115 individuals from the rig, the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon well, and massive marine and coastal damage from a reported 210 million barrels of released hydrocarbons. Other notable oil spill accident is the explosion of Oil well Ixtoc 1 in the Bay of Campeche in Mexico in June 1979, releasing 140 million gallons into the sea for ten months. The spilled oil covered the area of 1100 square miles and caused severe damage to marine life. As we are moving to a world where the appetite for hydrocarbon products is growing at an exponential rate, companies are looking for newer places and techniques for extracting oil and gas in distant places often ignored in previous experiments.
Offshore oil drilling has been a source of gas and oil for years. The offshore oil drilling process is a mechanical process whereby workers drill bores through the seabed; this process occurs in order to search for and extract oil and natural gas (Diamond Offshore, 1). The oil lies in the rock formations existing beneath the seabed. Several countries worldwide depend on it as the source of raw materials for the production of petroleum products. The venture shows through the construction of several offshore rigs focused on the extraction of oil from seabed deep in the…

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