Essay about A Brief Note On The Fast Food Industry

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An Inconspicuous Epidemic The fast food industry has been a growing epidemic since the first restaurant ever opened. Why are these establishments so successful and what are more reasons that eating healthy is a harder option. Healthy food is significantly more expensive than a fast food option which is a major factor in the decision of the customer. Also in the modern world, most people don 't have time to wait for food, the faster the better and the perfect supply for that need is fast food. What customers offer are completely dependent on what the customer wants, if there is no want then there is no restaurant. Consumers and restaurants are ultimately holding back a well needed nutritional movement due to the level of convenience fast food offers to the customer 's life and the lack of a healthy fast option a restaurant’s offer. In a fast moving world where spare time is sometimes a rarity, the speed at which a customer get their food is essential to their satisfaction. When there is no time to spare, you just want something fast to snack on, unfortunately a healthy fast food restaurant just is not a thing. A huge step in the much needed nutrition movement would be to establish a healthy fast food restaurant. At the same time you would need employees with a higher skill set, frequent food deliveries, and an innovated preparation system . But why doesn 't somebody invest in the idea? Just like gladwell explained, fast food has the image of unhealthy comfort foods that…

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