A Brief Note On The European Migrant / Refugee Crisis Essay

1678 Words Aug 19th, 2016 null Page
An Analysis on the European Migrant/Refugee Crisis Amidst a migrant and refugee crisis the European Union and its Member States have not, in the view of the Medecine Sans Frontieres (MSF), met their respective promises of aiding the people most in need. As highlighted by the MSF rejecting E.U. funding and stating that they do so, “‘...in protest at their shameful deterrence policies and their intensification of efforts to push people back from European shores,’” (“Europe” 1). Many of the E.U. policies currently in place, such as the E.U.-Turkey deal, provide no actual relief to the migrant/refugees. As pointed out by the MSF many of the E.U. policies are targeted towards easing people away from European shores and not actually looking for a solution for the migrants or refugees.Adding to this lack of alleviation the United States has also been under much pressure to comply with its commitment to take in 85,000 refugees from the world. From that projected goal of 85,000 the State Department records from this April show only 1,285 have actually been accepted (Parry 1). With no given percentage on what number of those 1,285 were from the European Migrant/Refugee Crisis. Aside from the actual event of the European Migrant/Refugee Crisis, the main issue many of those migrants and refugees are facing is world nations not following through with their promises of aid. The E.U. in particular has been put under fire by its own Home Affairs Select Committee with member Keith Vaz…

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