A Brief Note On The Environmental Science Student Essay

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Dear Mr. or Mrs. Future President,
I am well invested in this topic because I am an AP Environmental Science student who has just learned about the major problems in our would in regards to using our recourses especially those that we are consuming quicker than they replenish. I am concerned for the future of the world therefore I am writing this to help as much as I can to restore the world to what it once was as well as help in conserving our resources. That is why I inform you that maintaining forests to ensure they can carry out their various functions is vital for all life on Earth, and with the rate we are heading right now we are destroying them quicker than they can be renewed, proving that if we don’t take significant action to save our forests the world could come to an end relatively soon, however there are steps that can be taken to help prevent this disaster from occurring any further.
Before the problem is completely addressed, you must fully understand what a forest is and what they do every day for their environments well as us humans. According to the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation the definition of a forest is a, “complex community that supports a rich variety of plants and animals – over 750 wildlife species and over 1,800 different kinds of plants.” A forest is comprised of four main layers which include: the canopy, the understory, the shrub/herb layer, and the forest floor. The emergent layer or canopy layer is the highest layer at the tops of the…

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