A Brief Note On The Dental Hygiene Assessment Essay

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DEOH 302 Reflective Essay (Formative) Student ID: 7559879

The history section of the dental hygiene assessment provides the foundation for clinical decisions. Prior to commencing care plan, information gathered from the medical history is used to determine patient 's health status, contraindications to care and necessity for medical consultation (Pickett, 2010). Recognition of oral health related implication from the medical history section will assist dental professionals in risk analysis and precaution management for dental care. This essay will outline two similar critical incidents that took place in the clinical sessions where consultation between dentist, and physician is important in conducting a dental treatment plan.

Both incidents occurred during the initial appointment while patient 's current medical condition was gathered. Patient A- was about to start on immunosuppressant, and patient B- had plate and screws placed in her hip six weeks to four months ago. Both of these patients present with conditions that may compromise the treatment cane as well as their own health. From my understanding, only patients that have cardiac conditions or joint replacement will need prophylactic antibiotic premedication (Heart Foundation, 2009). Though, it would make sense that since patient A is going to begin taking immunosuppressant, his immune system will not be in the best condition. Therefore, he may be more susceptible to infection and could result in bacteremia.…

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