Essay A Brief Note On The Criminal Justice System

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[Individuals impacted by crime face the daunting task of rebuilding and healing from injury while trying to navigate the criminal justice system, while they are in a state of upset, anxious, and sometimes in physical pain victims often have to face decisions that can affect the future of their case. The criminal justice system has had a history of ignoring the victims of crime. The focus of the system has always been finding the criminal, enacting punishment, and controlling crime in society. However, there have been comprehensive amendments implemented throughout the country in the last three decades. In this report we will discuss victim’s rights and the programs that have been implemented to aid victims. The criminal justice system has come to realize that treating victims with fairness and respect greatly benefits them and allows the prosecution to build a better case. Fairness in the criminal justice system may be the key to lessening the demand for criminal justice in society.
[In my home state of Maryland, The Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention is Maryland’s one stop shop for resources to improve public safety. Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention exists to educate, connect, and empower Maryland’s citizens and public safety entities through innovative funding, strategic planning, crime data analysis, best practices research and results-oriented customer service. The office can assist citizens in accessing grants to establish community oriented…

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