A Brief Note On The Criminal Justice System Essay

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In the criminal justice system, such things as consensual contact, detention and probable cause are important to for law enforcement. To know the difference between each could be difference between enforcing the law and letting someone go. According to Robertson and Wallace, consensual contact is defined as when an individual is not detained by the police and the police have not had any manner recommend to that individual and is not free to end the encounter and withdraw from. There are two types of detentions. Terry-Type Detention is defined as an arrest from a stop-and-frisk situation, while Temporary Detention is defined for questioning that is not considered to be an arrest. Lastly, probable cause is defined as a quality by police authorities to have a reason to get a warrant for an arrest of a criminal. First, the consensual contact was defined above as when an individual is not detained by the police. Police must in a communicated approach to an individual either by oral or actions, which leaves the person reasonable to not feel the need to be free. Police officers need to have a reasonable suspicion of why approaching an individual if they feel that person is acting in a criminal behavior. Police officers must ask for your permission to see your belongings and not oppose to asking, “Give me your identification card.” If a police officer approaches you without any reason and wish to not answer any questions, you may ask, “Am I free to leave?” The Fourth Amendment…

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