A Brief Note On The County Fire Department Essay

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Dekalb County Fire Department

Firefighters have been needed since the beginning of time. Over time fire departments have been improving their strategies every day for the safety of their men and women. I am going to discuss the history, careers, vehicles and equipment, and the hiring process for the Dekalb County Fire Department.
The first recorded organized firefighting service dates to the Roman Republic in the first century BC. Since then the evolution of firefighting has changed drastically. In 2010 dekalbcountyga.gov shares that the first fire department in Dekalb County “began with a single firefighter in 1934. J.V. Draughon in Nashville, TN, offered Delkab’s citizens fire suppression. In 1937 the county bought Draughon’s operation and created the Dekalb Fire Department. The first fire station was on North Decatur Road.” The stations included a stove, four beds, and six-cylinder fire engine with a 250-gallon tank. Dekalb County now has 630 plus men and women and 26 stations. Today, in those stations there are 13 beds, 3 separate refrigerators and pantries for each shift, a full kitchen, offices, and a living area. In 1937 the starting pay for a firefighter was about $140 a month. In 2016 Salary.com states the average pay for firefighters is now $43,910 a year.
Now that I have discussed the history of the Dekalb County Fire Department I am now going to talk about the different career options that Dekalb Fire offers. If you are not familiar with the fire service this…

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