Essay about A Brief Note On The Cost Of Living

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The Cost of Living Imagine being the single parent of two children avoiding going to the doctor, despite your constant cough and horrendous headache, because of the fear of going into life ruining debt. This is a problem many people in the United States face as spending on healthcare increased to $3.2 trillion in 2015 which is about $9,980 per individual, (Vital Signs: Rise in National Health Expenditures Slows) which is considerably high in comparison to the United Kingdom’s $148.34 billion or $2,292 per person (Department of Health 's Settlement at the Spending Review 2015). The United States spends comparably more than most other first world countries when it comes to healthcare and this is a problem for its citizens who have come into an issue of being unable to afford the care they need to live. Many Americans are aware of the fact that the cost of health is high, but not as many are informed as to why it costs so much or how to make it more affordable. Instead they look at healthcare as an incurable illness and choose to offer up the explanation that the better quality of American hospitals and services or the huge population of people to care for are to blame for the high cost, neither of which we have the power to change. However, the reasons for healthcare costs being astronomical in the United States are the improper use of medical services, extra administrative costs, and the high costs of the services and equipment themselves, which are causes that can be…

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