A Brief Note On The Cost Of Water Rural China Essay

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Cost of Water in Rural China
Water is one of the most undervalued resources that are essential to human beings, industries and agriculture. Safe water is also one of the biggest issues that our world face today. Technology has made water access as easy as turning on the tap water and press of a button to flash the toilet. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (2014), each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day. Estimation may vary depends on geographic location, but no matter where people are located, fresh water are taken for granted. Even though the world is mostly covered with water, but only 2.5% is freshwater and not including the freshwater resources that are trapped in glaciers and underground, only 1% is left in rivers or lakes that are easier to access for human beings (Impending Water Crisis in China, 2005). In rural parts of China, fresh water is an extreme scarce resource due to pollution, unequal distribution of water, which leads to the increase of cost for water. The Chinese government begins to emphasize of safe and affordable water in rural parts of China, pledges to solve the drinking water issue by the end of 2015, which many Chinese scholars criticize it to be an “impossible” mission. This paper would exam the cost and safety of water in rural China and analysis water issues based on the causes of rapid growth in Chinese population, pollution and inefficient water distribution leading to the consequences of water shortage and suggestions of…

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