Essay on A Brief Note On The Civil Rights Movement

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What are civil rights? Civil rights are the rights of individuals to receive equal treatment (and to be free from unfair treatment or “discrimination”) in a number of settings—including education, employment, housing, and more—and based on certain legally –protected characteristics. (What are Civil Rights?, 2014) The civil rights movement was an effort to secure equal access to and opportunities on behalf of African Americans for basic privileges and rights of U.S. citizenship. African American men, women, and whites organized and led the movement both at local and national levels. The civil rights movement was the largest social movement in the 20th century in the United States. It also influenced the modern women’s rights and the student movement of the 60’s. (Civil Rights Timeline-Info Please, n.d.) Today the civil rights movement also relates to the advancement of equality for all people regardless of race, sex, disability, national origin, religion or certain other characteristics. (What are Civil Rights?, 2014) Civil rights traditionally revolve around the basic rights to be free from unequal treatment based on certain protected characteristics as mentioned above. In settings like housing and employment, your civil liberties are enacted. These concern basic rights and freedoms that are guaranteed- either explicitly identified in the Bill of Rights or United States Constitution, or implemented throughout the years by Courts and lawmakers. These include: your first…

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