A Brief Note On The City Of Fedora Essay

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Advancement is shown through the city of Fedora. It has numerous plans of how make it the ideal city of its time, but because advancement in all aspects of life is as inevitable as time, the improvements are obsolete when they are in the midst of production and construction (Calvino 32-33). The city of Fedora explains Calvino 's motivation to write about fictional places: to maintain the book 's accuracy against time and progress. When Marco Polo/Calvino begins to name real cities that are famously known around the world presently, he does not go into exquisite detail of the buildings or behavior of people. A brief description of the characteristics of streets in New York City is given, and slight mention of the skyscrapers as "towers of glass and steel" (Calvino 139), but the description is minimal to the point that it would be extremely difficult to be proved wrong, even with changes after time. Professor Laurence A. Breiner of Boston University believes that Invisible Cities "defies any attempt at creating structure, even though much of the text is concerned with the creation of an elaborate system of categorization for the cities Marco Polo creates," which is maybe only partially correct. Looking purely at the sequence of the accounts and dialogues, one could again compare this sequence to the labyrinth image: accounts create the path to follow along, and the dialogues before and after each section make checkpoints where one can better understand the material from tje…

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