Essay about A Brief Note On The Christian University ( Acu )

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Abilene Christian University (ACU) in Abilene, Texas conducted a test to see what would happen if they gave the students iPhones, and gave them full permission to use them during class time. The students found that they were able to brainstorm ideas quicker, obtain new assignments or handouts from their teachers, and the teachers even found that they could use the phones to monitor the students’ attendance. William Ranklin, co-director of mobile learning research at ACU, said in an interview with Bloomberg Business, “This is a new platform for learning, in the same way a laptop or a desktop was a new platform (Kharif, 2008, para. 3).” Ranklin thought that smart phones and other smart devices could be a worthwhile replacement for laptops. The cost of a smart phone is substantially less than that of a laptop, in fact, an iPhone, on a two-year contract with a cell phone provider, costs as little as two hundred dollars. On the other hand, a laptop can cost anywhere from five hundred dollars on the low end, up to fifteen hundred dollars, if not more. This quite a substantial price difference, and some schools and universities could save money by adapting the common use of smart phones and other devices in the classroom. Not only are smart phones considerably less expensive than laptops, they are also more readily available to students. Many students might not have access to laptops, but having a smart phone is much easier and a cheaper solution for students.…

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