A Brief Note On The Canadian Society Is Not The Same For Everyone

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Living in the Canadian society is not the same for everyone. A large amount of it consists of immigrants, which leads us into a multicultural society. How does this affect the people who are born and raised in a different culture? I interviewed my good friend of mine, Djibraan Deelahoo, to see his point of views concerning this situation. Like many other immigrants, he was born outside of Canada. His parents raised him the same way they were raised by their parents. The interview lasted roughly 20 minutes, but the most important part of it was to see the common points between his life and the notions of anthropology we have been taught in class. To being with, Djibraan gave me a quick resume of this life so far. I was astonished by the amount of this that could be connected with the professor’s teachings. To begin with, he explained to me that his parents brought him to Canada at two years old. Since there was a big cultural change for them, they rented a house closer to other people who came from his country of Mauritius. They felt that since they were living among their own people, it made them feel like home, made them feel accepted. In class we have learned about enculturation, which means learning a new culture. When his parents raised him as a child, they gave his the same values they had learned from their parents, thus bringing forth the notion of anthropology we talked about in class: culture is learned. But he said that once he started going to school, he started…

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