A Brief Note On The Canadian Business Industry Essay

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Foreign Investment

This segment will describe Canadian businesses that have operations in Iceland, as well as Icelandic businesses that have operations in Canada.

Canadian Businesses in Iceland

BlackBerry is a Canadian business, which does business in Iceland (BlackBerry, 2014). BlackBerry 's headquarters is in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (BlackBerry, 2014). BlackBerry specializes in mobile phones, along with cellular phone accessories (BlackBerry, 2014). BlackBerry is known for it 's safety capabilities, due to BlackBerry 's history of making police software technologies (BlackBerry, 2014). For more information about BlackBerry, visit http://ca.blackberry.com/.

McCain is another Canadian business that has operations in Iceland (McCain Foods, 2014). McCain 's headquarters is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (McCain Foods, 2014). McCain is a world leader in potato and frozen food production (McCain Foods, 2014). Their product lines include potato products such as fries and tater tots, frozen pizza, and frozen dessert (McCain Foods, 2014). More information about McCain Foods can be found at http://www.mccain.ca/en.

Icelandic Businesses in Canada

Marel is an international Icelandic business, which does business with Canada (Marel, 2014). The company 's headquarters is found in Reykjavik, Iceland 's capital (Marel, 2014). Marel is the leading provider of equipment for the food processing industry (Marel, 2014). Products at Marel include, but are not limited…

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