A Brief Note On The Border 2020 Project Essay

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Overview of Border 2020

The Border 2020 project will effectively improve air quality, provide clean, safe drinking water to residents, reduce waste, and prepare both the U.S and Mexico for environmental response, and stewardship. The Border 2020 project was created under the La Paz (The Peace) agreement in 1983 . Building off the border 2012 project, the latest edition will break into a two year plan, conquering each goal. The E.P.A and SEMARNAT, as well as other local governments, encourage the community to be actively involved.

Project responsibilities are broken down into 3 networks. The first network being the Regional Workgroups. In part, four regions of each country are designated to the following states; Arizona-senora, California-Baja California, New Mexico-Texas-Chihuahua and lastly, Coahuila -Nuevo Leon- Tamaulipas . Each regional work group is given tasks based on their environment, as well as, the amount of environmental damage.
“Policy Fora” is the second network, designated in delegating realistic goals to so said regions. Policy Fora oversees the Air, Water, Material Management, cleaning sites, Preparedness and response in emergency situations, along with, cooperative enforcement and compliance in regards to each given region .
The Task Forces involved in the Border 2020 project are managed by regional workgroups and, “Identify priority issues and help facilitate pilot projects by convening local, state, and tribal governments, academia, NGOs and…

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