Essay A Brief Note On The Black Death ¨

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Title? What is the name of the most fascinating book in the world? Should I leave you wondering? Well I think it might come in handy so I am going to tell you the title? ¨The Black Death¨ is a book that talks about how the black death got started, who started the plague, when it started spreading, and why the plague started. So stayed tuned to hear a brief history lesson about a plague like no ordinary and how it almost died off cities and the human population decreased dramatically. Diane Zahler is the author of ¨The Black Death¨ and studies about medieval history during her college studies and was fascinated about the bubonic plague. Some of the book she has published are for grades kindergarten through twelve about different genres and topics. To this current day Diane Zahler Lives in Wassaic, New York. Probably the main reason why this book got chosen is because it has an interesting title that just makes anybody want to read it. Also because it was less likely going to be chosen by anyone else and because it was a war to survive against the plague which had a strong army. First, I want to say that most of the information that Diane Zahler gathered her pictures and passages are from medical books, church passages, and legal/government documents, also, she got some passages from book of authors living in the present time of the black death. The black death lasted from year 1347 through 1352. It took a long time for some cities repaired from the disaster that happened.…

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