A Brief Note On The Articles Of Confederation Essay

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Once America separated from Britain, they had to create a brand new government. This led to the creating of the Articles of Confederation in 1781. This, however, did not create a satisfactory government due to problems like uneven distribution of powers. Due to this, in 1787, a convention gathered to revise the Articles of Confederation, which ultimately lead to the creation of the Constitution, which was supposed to fix the problems in the Articles of Confederation. One of the first major problems with the Articles of Confederation was the way it divided Congress. In the Articles of Confederation, each state only had one vote. It didn 't matter if your state only had 500 people living in it or 5,000, they all had the same representation in Congress. This led to problems passing laws. It would seem that with less votes it would be easier to pass laws, but in fact it made it easier to stop laws. 9/13 states had to agree with the law, which meant only 5 votes were needed to block a law. If a law didn 't benefit the smaller states like Delaware and Massachusetts, they would vote against it even if it would benefit the country as a whole. Without the Articles of Confederation clearly defining how Congress should be divided, there would always be conflicts within it. Another major problem with the Articles of Confederation was that it didn 't address the subject of slavery. When the Articles of Confederation was written, they wanted to leave the major decisions up to the…

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