A Brief Note On The And South Korea Essay

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Standing in guard near the snowy border between the Noth and South Korea, a young man stands alert. The year is 1990, a time when South Korea was starting to heal from the years of military dictatorships. The man has to patrol around the ironically dangerous Korean Demilitarized Zone, a mix of beautiful mountain wildlife and dangerous mines, for his family, friends, and countrymen. A couple of days ago, the small Korean penninsula was hit with big news; Germany was close to reunifying again, after years of separation during the Cold War. The young man, still idealistic and young, wonders whether the two Koreas will ever be unified like Germany while staring out at the pitch black propaganda village of Kijongdong. It has been twenty-six years since my father was in the Korean military, but there seems to be no progress towards unification. The two countries have been spilt both culturally and physically for nearly seventy years, with the Korean Demilitarized Zone being even more heavily militarized in the last decade. Every day passes with more uneasiness, less hope, and more anger as war seems to come closer in the penninsula. Even with all the agression and political strife, nature continues to thrive in the most unlikeliest of places. The Korean Demilitarized Zone is a unique place, with nature thriving due to the absence of human interference. Many endangered species that are on the verge of extinction take the Korean Demilitarized Zone their refuge, bringing new…

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