Essay about A Brief Note On The And Preventative Health Care

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3. Access to Preventative Health Care Access to preventative healthcare was not possible because low socio-economic population do not worry of this issue unless they are in the late stage of their illness. They are busy providing and making ends meets that they forget to take care of their health. The access to preventative healthcare is there, but awareness needs to be enforced because majority of the people that do not use the resources are unaware of its existence.
1. Describe your experience and that of your family in the simulation.
My experience with poverty simulation was great! I learned so much by putting myself in their people situation. When life is hard and basic necessities are not being met because of financial problems, then life is a full of challenges. When you are a thirteen year-old teenager and have no money to pay for school expenses necessary is very difficult.
2. What challenges were you met with in the simulation?

There are many challenges I came across with in this simulation experience. First, I have no parents in the picture. My dad was incarcerated and my mother left us with a 4-year-old sibling. I have 21-year-old brother and a twin. We both were going to school and cannot pay school dues. Second, we got robbed and my brother robbed to be able to pay bills. Lastly, my brother was trying his best to provide for us while in school. There was a week that we weren’t able to eat.
3. Did you need to make decisions or act in ways that…

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