A Brief Note On The And Patient Autonomy Essay

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Tochukwu Nwigwe
East Los Angeles College
Philosophy 19 Section 5407
Contemporary Issues in Bioethics
Summer 2015

Jehovah Witness Belief and Patient Autonomy
Last month I had a severe pain on the right left side of my abdomen that lasted for days because I had presumed that the pain will go away. The failure of my presumption prompted me to rush to Kaiser urgent care to seek medical opinion and verification of what was wrong with me. Based on my primary physician diagnosis, I was advised to go for CAT scan examination. I was not that too pleased with the medical advice because I wanted the doctor to send me to the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions drugs and then go home from there. I asked my doctor if I can decline/defer the CAT can examination, he said yes that I can, but that I have to sign a document stating that I was asked/offered the option of going for a CAT scan examination to accurately determine why my abdomen ache, but that I decline the said offer.
My aforementioned recent urgent care experience buttressed the fact that competent adults have the right to make decisions regarding their medical care. And this is well established in both the US law and ethics and is a common practice throughout the medical community. This medical norm is backed by the United States Federal Patient Self-Determination Act.
But in an emergency situation, like the first scenario in which a child’s life is threatened imminently because her parents for some religious reason(s)…

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