A Brief Note On The And Hindu Religion Essay

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The way we talk, react or behave is the product of how we were raised and the beliefs that were built-in us. Although social status, economy, religion and the time during which you were born also play a huge role in our life, they do not affect our lives as much as our ethnic background. An ethnic group or ethnicity is a group of people having common social, cultural or even national background. Every ethnic group has some of their own unique characteristics that set them apart from the rest of society. Ethnicity is the identity that separates you from me.
I was born in from Nepal as a Newar. Buddhist Newar to be very specific. There are two mainly types of Newars. They are Buddhist and Hindus. There are plenty of similarities in between two groups. Both the group 's respect the other clan because it is believed that Buddha is a form of Vishnu, one of the three most powerful Gods in the Hindu religion. Newars are primarily originated and located in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Growing up I have realized that there are certainly things that I do or react to a certain situation is very similar to the reaction my father gives in a similar type of situation. I am sure that he reacted the same way that his father did.
Dating, Mate selection and Marriage
Dating. The concept of dating is relatively new in our culture. However, once the bride and groom are engaged, they are allowed to meet publicly. Society is very conservative on how men and women meet. It is preferred that…

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