A Brief Note On The And Art History And The Art Principle And Element

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1. 3-2-1: I can use that in my last 10 minutes of my class, because I can know how much they had learned, what they love and what they can think of after my class. It can really help me to improve and revise my lesson plan too.
2. Agreement circle: I think I can use it in the art history and the art principle and element, I will just show them some picture and ask them about what art principle and element or what year of that painting, to let them discuss about it.
3. Alternative assessments: I can use it after every time they done a project, and these assessment can remind them what we teach in class, then they will master that skill we taught in class. Assessment can help them to know what are they doing in class what is the goal and technique.
4. Brainstorming: I will let my student do that when I start a new topic, I will let them know the topic and let them brainstorm it. As it can help them to foster their creativity and it also can help them to prepare their new art project. It will be a good start form them before their new project.
5. Bookmarks: I will give them reading to bring back home to read, and they can use the bookmarking skill to jot down and highlight what they don 't understand for the reading and we will go through them together in class. I can really make sure that they had read their reading and did their homework, also I can know what they don 't really understand form the book .
6. Contextualizing vocabulary: I think I will use this strategy on the…

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