A Brief Note On The And Animal Lovers Essay examples

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This class has made me question everything we have learned as zookeepers/animal lovers, honestly. I started thinking about how we breed animals, how we house them, and how we feed and clean them. The biggest change I have made personally is to not clean the entire ferret cage in one day. Since it is 4 stories, I now clean 2 stories at a time. I noticed that their behavior towards the clean section is different and they spend less time in it compared to the section that I did not clean. This makes me wonder how much stress I used to put them under when I would clean their entire cage in one day. It explains why they would seem to “freak out” when they noticed I was cleaning it. I also noticed a huge difference in how they act after I washed all my blankets in one day. Normally they get tired after spending a few hours roaming around and go sleep in my bed, now they avoid my bed. It is these little things that I think people are missing. During the domestication lecture I started thinking about how we breed animals for education programs. The first thing I thought of was the cheetah breeding program specifically. Many facilities go in with their cheetahs and rely on certain ones to be ambassadors for their species. This lecture got me questioning if we are unintentionally domesticating these cats, and other animals. It also brings home a criticism that Charlie always has, and that is we can say certain animals are a good genetic match, but that doesn’t mean they will breed.…

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