A Brief Note On The American Civil War Essay

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A compromise is where when two sides have a disagreement and they are able to reach an agreement where both sides get a part of they want so they can be content. Compromises are a great way to resolve conflict although they do not work all the time. Before to the American Civil War occurred, many compromises were made to prevent the Civil War. However, the differences were far to great and compromises were not able to help prevent the civil war. One of the greatest reasons for this was slavery. Slavery affected national politics greatly in the 1820’s, that the Missouri Compromise was to be made to settle things down for a bit.
In 1819, the territory of Missouri had reached a population of 60,000 residents and they needed to apply for statehood. Missouri was the first state to be taken from land acquired by the French, known as the Louisiana Purchase. When it applied for statehood, it’s constitution allowed slavery, this ignited much argument and disagreement. The North disagreed with the added representation in Congress since it would be a slavery state, they would be able to count three-fifths of the slavery population. This would give them more representation, which it already had done in the South giving the North less representation. By 1790, the South controlled 47 percent of Congress while only having 40 percent of the white male population. This debate brought the commitment of slavery and the Southern political power to a heated impact. The North hence promised to…

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