A Brief Note On The American Civil War Essays

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Civil War Essay

The American Civil War, a horrific moment in the history of the United States that cost the lives of at least 620,000 lives and more than 1 million total casualties, more than that of any other war– combined (Civil). Was this bloodstain in American history avoidable, or something inevitable? I believe the answer to this question lies within the events leading to the war; slavery, turmoil in the frontier, and growing tensions between the Northern and Southern regions of the United States– all of these contributed to the Civil War, a tragedy that may or may not have been avoidable.antietam.jpg

The major issue of the Civil War– as agreed upon by most historians– was slavery. Many from both the North and South already criticized the trade as unconstitutional and barbaric, but the main support for it lied in the South. Farmers of rice, corn, and particularly cotton relied on slaves to harvest and process their crops, and with the South being a perfect region for crops to thrive– made slaves all the more desireable. In March of 1852, an astounding book was published by a woman named Harriet Beecher Stowe– Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Zinn). The story follows the treatment of slaves during that time, the abuse and emotional trauma slaves were forced to endure. This book only clarified the division between the citizens of America. Plantation owners in the South proclaimed Uncle Tom’s Cabin to be untrue, while advocates of antislavery movements in the North praised…

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